Our HR Poilicies

Shavadoon as leader in industry has a responsibility tp pursue an effective, ambitious  employee relations model and make it a reality. The model reflects the company’s focus on people, an approach that unites amployees around core values crucial to present, while planning for the future of its employees, customers and the world. Shavadoon seeks to recognize its employees’ merit by providing them with ample career opportunities. 

Continuous improvement and total customer focus

we at Shavadoon have the vision to be known as the best by our clients, our people, our suppliers and the community in which we operate. That’s why our mission is to execute the best-in-class performance against three key elements: profit, safety and the environment. Understanding our customers’ requirements and constantly search for ways to improve is our golden rule here at Shavadoon. We truly believe that every one of us employed at Shavadoon can make a difference.