the-work-we-doThe work we do

Shavadoon is a business with expertise in a wide variety of sectors including Heavy Civil Works, High End and Special Purpose Buildings, process, steel fabrication, plant and equipment and environmental solutions. This highlights the fact that your potential opportunities as an employee of Shavadoon are tremendously broad.

You might find yourself working on maintain an existing sewage networks and pumping stations in one project and moving  to plan the extension of key infrastructure for a steel production process on another job. Whatever role you take on, you can be sure that the scopes will be challenging and that you will have many different points of contact.

Continuous improvement and total customer focus

we at Shavadoon have the vision to be known as the best by our clients, our people, our suppliers and the community in which we operate. That’s why our mission is to execute the best-in-class performance against three key elements: profit, safety and the environment. Understanding our customers’ requirements and constantly search for ways to improve is our golden rule here at Shavadoon. We truly believe that every one of us employed at Shavadoon can make a difference.